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Because each woman is unique and because beauty is distinctive, IOMA believes that each individual's skin has its own IOMA SkinCodeTM. Hence, each Beauty CombinaisonTM is personalised.


IOMA is the first and only brand of beauty products to accept the challenge of proving the effectiveness of each of its skincare products after 4 to 6 weeks of application. This could not be simpler. The same diagnosis simply needs to be performed to assess the changes in the skin.


IOMA builds an individual relationship with each woman, personally accompanying her as time goes by. IOMA offers a new connection with technology, a sensitive emotional connection, the EmotechTM connection.

jean michel karam at IOMA

Interview with Jean Michel Karam, IOMA Founder and Chief Executive Officer

For a scientist like Jean Michel Karam to invest in the cosmetics industry it was a must to be able to show and demonstrate the effectiveness of his products...

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