Collagen Renew

Collagen Renew

105 pills, 5 weeks of treatment

After 10 years of research, including 5 years of clinical testing performed on over 500 women, IOMA introduces a revolution in facial skincare with Collagen Renew, the 1st Encapsulated Anti-wrinkle treatment.

Prouven Results

Collagen Renew is capable of reducing wrinkles up to 25% and globally targeting skin’s radiance : 

  • Skin texture is softer and smoother+75%**
  • Skin is moisturized+73%**
  • Complexion more radiant+68%**

All your questions

*Clinical test performed on 163 women over 14 weeks by oral treatment. Up to 25% reduction in wrinkle depth with an average reduction of 10% 
** Use test % agreement performed on 161 women (45-65 years old) over 14 weeks, 3 pills per day. 

A Revolution in facial skincare

Collagen Renew is a revolutionary anti-wrinkle treatment with patented technology. The Collagen Renew active ingredients complex is encapsulated and to be taken orally. Thanks to its format, it acts from the inside and reaches the deeper dermal layers of the skin. 

Beauty Advice

Take 3 pills daily – at the same time or 2 pills in morning and 1 in evening or 1 pill in morning and 2 in evening – for 14 weeks 

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VITAMIN B3 highly concentrated

  • Visibly reduces the size of dark spots over time,
  • Reduces their intensity,
  • Blurs pigmentary defects 


  • Instantly fades hyper-pigmented areas.