The IOMA Laboratories have one unique course of action : the measurable effectiveness of their products on you, on your skin.

The IOMA Laboratories conceive of each skincare product as a meticulous and complex assembly without the slightest limit or constraint, neither in terms of price, nor in terms of active ingredients.

The IOMA Laboratories follow very strict guidelines to guarantee you an unparalleled effectiveness:

  • Selection of the best performing active ingredients available in the dermo-cosmetic science
  • Concentration at the highest levels of these active ingredients
  • Highest potential for these active ingredients by using textures the best adapted to ensure their full efficiency

Formulated in the purest scientific spirit, the IOMA skincare products perform as they claim with all of the following guarantees.

"Offer the effectiveness to every woman, it is my daily goal, it is what motivates my teams, it is our commitment. "

Eric Viviant, Director, Skincare Products